The Downsizers

Getting Creative: Zoom Sorting Sessions

11-27-20 11:49 AM
"Creativity involves breakout out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way," a quote by Edward de Bono highlights what our team has embraced working during COVID. 

Our roles as move managers are considered essential during the pandemic. We have experienced fear, worry, and the unknown since many of our clients include the most at-risk population. 

In March, like so many others, we didn't know if The Downsizers would be able to continue working with our clients, senior communities, and resource partners. Fortunately, we have been as strong as ever during this time, following CDC guidelines and with specific COVID protocols. Our clients and communities have needed us and we are eager to help. 

Clients reach out to The Downsizers for many reasons. One of which is when their loved ones move to Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, or Memory Care. Their homes need to be sorted and cleared out so that the home can be put on the market. Now, with COVID, many of those family members could not travel to our area to help their parents with this process. 

With some clients, we realized that we could do our work virtually using Virtual Sorting Sessions.  Our team members 'Zoomed' the family members of our clients.

With this strategy, family members could stay safe in their home and move forward with the liquidation of their parents home. We truly discovered through the most challenging situations, creativity abounds. We discovered that this new method was not only effective but it has been very cost-effective experience. 

We received a call from the son of a client. "How are we going to sort through a 6500 square foot home that our mom has lived in for 27 years? We live in 3 different states and all have full-time jobs and families to care for. How do we make decisions? How do we manage this process? How do we ensure that our family's memorabilia and collections are preserved?" 

⭐️ It's as easy as:

1. Connect with our team over Zoom for your scheduled Virtual Sorting Session. (Don't worry ~ we will guide you through the sorting process with our best practices and strategies) 
2. Focus on the items you want to KEEP (must-haves) first, and then we'll focus on potential DONATIONS & SALABLE ITEMS.
3. Our team gets to work on inventory, packing, shipping, and dispersing the items that have been sorted!

Elizabeth Hirsh