The Downsizers
  • Phase 1: PLAN 

Floor Planning


Move Plan


We plan, coordinate, and guide you through the entire moving process. We will discuss your unique needs so you can decide which of our service offerings might be most helpful. 

There is A Smarter Way to Move. 


Do you find it challenging to make decisions on what furniture you will use in your new space and how it will be placed? Some of our clients have over 5000 sq feet of living space (and furniture that fills it) and are moving to less than 1000 sq feet. How will it work?

Your Downsizing Manager will guide you through how to place your existing furniture into your new home to optimize space, functionality, design, and safety. This includes:

  • Measuring the new space or use accurate floor plan
  • Measuring current furniture
  • Determine which pieces are most functional, most fitted, and most sentimental to include in your new space
  • Furniture placement on floor plan (copy of this will be provided to you)


Are you wanting help with all the details of your move – the phone calls, the scheduling, the emails to everyone involved in your move? Your Downsizing Manager will take care of all scheduling and coordination.  This includes coordination and scheduling with:

  • Movers (including estimate coordination)
  • Family members
  • Communities where you will be moving
  • Pick-ups, shipments, deliveries
  • Estate sales/antiques/eBay sellers/appraisers
  • Real estate agent/escrow agents

This plan and timeline will be used as our guide through the entire project (pre, during, and post) and will include weekly client updates. 

Additional Services: 

Pre-Sale Home Prep: Decluttering and Staging

Some clients call us after they’ve sold their home and are preparing for their move, but many clients call us prior to putting their home on the market. For these clients, we offer pre-sale home prep, decluttering, and staging service. We get your home ready for buyer’s to see its full potential.

When showing a home to buyers, available space in closets, cabinets, and storage areas is very important. Our decluttering service will create the space and clarity that a buyer needs in order to see themselves in your property. 

Our Downsizing Designer has years of experience in real estate and staging homes. As a top 2% listing agent in the Metro DC Market for years, our designer knows the 10 key steps to make your home more “sellable.” We will apply our “real world” experience and get your home ready to market!

Our goals are simple when preparing your home for sale:
  1. Increase your home’s appeal to today’s buyers
  2. Decrease your time on the market
  3. Increase your sales price