The Downsizers

Grieving Family

“My brothers and I recently lost both of our parents.

I’m responsible for taking care of their belongings and selling their home of 30 years. I need help sorting through everything. I want someone I can trust to manage this whole process from beginning to end.”

For Executors or Trustees

Dividing up estate assets after a parent or family member passes can be difficult. In addition to grieving, there may be conflict about sentimental items. We have a web based solution that eases the emotions and stress of this challenging process. Our solution enables the family to list, categorize, and value all the contents of an estate, and photograph all of the items. 

Then, we give access to those involved to determine what can be sold, donated, stored, moved, or shipped. Our goal is to make this challenging process smoother on the executor, trustee, and the entire family by making the division of property fair and equitable. 

There is A Smarter Way to Move.