The Downsizers
  • Phase 2: SORT





Downsizing and sorting through all of the things in your home can be the most frustrating and overwhelming part of moving. 

Our team have been trained and are experienced in "The Psychology of Letting Go." We work with you to help make your own decisions and help you overcome any hurdles.

There is A Smarter Way to Move.

This is where we excel. We are experts in sorting. Our promise to you is to create the best possible environment for you during the decision making process as you go through your downsizing journey. We help you to sort through many areas of your home that contain the most amount of “stuff,” such as cabinets, desks, closets, basements, attics, storage units, etc.

We will break things down for you. This will save you time and money. We help you to determine what to:


Do you have a special non-profit that you would like to contribute to? Do you feel strongly about where your belongings should go? Is there a local organization that is important to you? Do you want recommendations on where specialized items such as shoes, cell phones, coats, electronics, and other items can be donated?


Do you have special memorabilia that want to go to specific people in your family? Would you like these items shipped to them or organized for pick up? Would you like some recommendations on how to fairly divide up family antiques and heirlooms among family members?


Do you know what items have monetary value that you would like to sell? Would you like assistance having them appraised and sold at top dollar? Do you want to sell locally or on-line? Do you want recommendations on the most trustworthy resources for estate sales and auction houses?

We will connect you with regional or national estate and auction houses and walk you through the process of appraisal and sales process. We also have relationships with local eBay specialists who are specialized in looking for specific items with unique value (usually found in your attic or basements).  Our resources also include metal liquidators, fine jewelry consignors, WWII museums, other historical museums and libraries, book resellers, and a variety of other resources. 


After sorting through your belongings, you will most likely find things that you would prefer to discard. Do you want to make sure they do not have value before choosing to do so? Do you want assistance in coordinating large item pick-ups, special disposal, or shredding services?

Your Downsizing Manager is trained to identify key pieces for your new home that are used for storage, function, and design. We work with you to determine how these items can be used in your new space. Do you love it? Do you use it regularly? Do you need to keep it?

Most importantly, you are in control of this entire process and we do the physical work for you!

These are all good questions but not always very easy to answer. We help you with that process. We are efficient and we are also compassionate. We understand the items in your home make up who you are and the memories that make up your life.


No need to spend time, money, or energy shredding all of your files and documents in preparation for your upcoming move. We have a certified shredding service as part of our service (AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE) and we will remove those items for you and have them professionally shredded. 


Dividing up estate assets after a parent or family member passes can be difficult. In addition to grieving, there may be conflict about sentimental items. We have a web based solution that eases the emotions and stress of this challenging process. Our solution enables the family to list, categorize, and value all the contents of an estate, and photograph all of the items.

Then, we give access to those involved to determine what can be sold, donated, stored, moved, or shipped. Our goal is to make this challenging process smoother on the executor, trustee, and the entire family by making the division of property fair and equitable.