The Downsizers


Attention Realtors and Real Estate Brokers!

Are your clients having a hard time making decisions about their move? Do your clients feel overwhelmed with all the details facing them? Is your listing cluttered or unappealing to show? Do your clients have a quick turnaround to closing? Do you need someone to help your clients with the move process while you focus on the transaction?

There is A Smarter Way to Move.

We understand real estate transactions.

We understand what it takes to sell a home. We understand what buyers want and what appeals to them. We understand the steps in the process. We understand the obstacles of making it to the closing table.

Our team is trained on working with real estate professionals. We know the importance of decluttering, staging, and depersonalizing to encourage a quick and efficient sale of a home. We know how to focus your clients and organize them for their upcoming move.

We will:
  • Help you get more listings
  • Engage prospective clients with a move plan and timeline
  • Get home ready to be listed and sold (Decluttered and Staged)
  • Shorten time to a contract with your clients
  • Minimize delayed closings and keep prospective clients on track
  • Overcome obstacles to moving
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Coordinate entire move process from start to finish