The Downsizers

What Our Clients Are Saying 

Moving to a Senior Community                     

Michael G., client move to Cary

"My wife and I have learned many moving skills over the years. We've been relocated through corporations half a dozen times.
Each time, we moved into a somewhat bigger house, with more storage space and a much larger garage.  Now at the end of our careers, we made the decision to downsize to our forever home, and we love it, but it was the hardest move of all.
So much stuff! Too much stuff! Even too much furniture! There's no way this is going to end well! What a fantastic experience! Having a nimble ninja squad handling all of the moving details was incredible. We missed them after they were finished and drove away. We highly recommend The Downsizers. We just couldn't have done this on our own!"

Ida Ruth H., client move to Raleigh

“I have told my friends that I have my own personal wonder woman! What would I have ever done without your team!. Your planning, attention to detail, and the way you work with me and understand me as a client has made this move not only possible, but enjoyable." 

Ginger S., client move to Durham

Thanks for all your wonderful help given my move out from a home of 47 years! Your team has been remarkable presence in all of this project and with incredible energy has kept us moving forward. Thank you so much!” 

Louise and Ian D., Fearrington

""Thanks very much for a job well done. We enjoyed with every member of your team - all friendly, helpful, competent people. We have recommended your service to several people.

John Delgato, Realtor with Fonville Morissey

“Thanks to your team, we were able to make closing on time. We all realized that we wouldn’t have done it without you. Our client, Mr. H, had such a positive move experience because of your help and was so incredibly grateful for your team’s help. I was also grateful as you all came in and saved the day!"

Clara L., client move to Cary

“Thank you to you and your team! I hope you know how incredibly valuable and helpful your service has been! I will be recommending you to everyone I know ."  

Josephine R., client move to Pittsboro

""Thanks so much for everything and for all that you have done - every single one of you. You all have managed to make this move not only bearable but pleasant. I felt in very capable hands throughout the entire project. I’m your biggest fan!” 

Shereatha and Ty B., move to Durham

"The Downsizers helped my husband and me sort through and clean out a storage facility in preparation for moving into our retirement home.  Because of the help provided by the Downsizers, we were well on our way to settling in our new home within a short period of time. Now we are enjoying our new home while we work on fine tuning the settling in process. The Downsizers staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and very cooperative. Interacting with them was a joy and a great stress reliever. We recommend them without reservation." 

Brenda S., Client from Chapel Hill 

The experience with you and your team has been one of the best customer service experiences of my life. You were the only ones to truly care and work with me throughout this crazy transition. I cannot express my gratitude enough for helping me so much throughout all of this.”   

Laura Morgan, General Manager of Fitch Realty, Fearrington Village

“Your team helped our client to both downsize and transition smoothly to their senior community. As Realtors, we knew they needed a lot of help with this process. Your team was the answer and the care you provided for the client was the icing on the cake!”

Betty B., Moved to Forest at Duke

“Your team is so organized and efficient. I couldn't have done this without you. I have told 'everyone' at the Forest about you and will continue to share your information! Thank you for helping me." 

Moving to Assisted Living

From Stuart C., Son of client who moved to Forest at Duke

Your team is simply amazing. Your efforts have made one of the most difficult transitions our family has faced bearable. The caring attitude of you and all of your folks made the difference, aside from the incredibly impressive degree of planning and organization. And all of this happening on such short notice!
My entire family is so grateful to you and all The Downsizers for your hard work and professionalism throughout this project. “

From Marge S., Client 

"Your team did a FANTASTIC job ! I am very, very appreciative for everything you did to make this transition as smooth as possible. I loved the way you hung all of my artwork. I feel very “settled” now.  You all will be in my prayers every day and that you all deserve your own little 'Downsizers spot’ in heaven!:)”

Shirley B., move to Chapel Hill 

“Your team was incredible. You were a big part of making this process more tolerable for me. I can’t thank you enough for all you did and how kind you all have been.  My husband's transition to memory care has been very challenging so the extra help packing was such a relief. Thank you for your kindness and care that you provided to me.”

From Mary H., Client 

"Thank you to you and your team. You have made my move to Galloway Ridge a pleasant experience. I'm so glad to be settled so quickly.

From Jane B., Client 

"Your team did wonders! His room in Memory Care  looks just like his room downstairs, and he adjusted to the move so much better than we thought he would. I think having the room look the same was a critical difference. Please thank the wonderful women who made that day so much easier for both Fred and me."

Sid M., move to the Forest at Duke 

“Your team are the most honest, delightful, and hard working ladies I have have ever had the pleasure to meet. I am thrilled with the progress and I will be shouting your names from the hilltops over in assisted living." 

From Leo S., Brother of client

"I have never met anyone connected with the moving industry as detailed or professional as you. You're a class act. I can see now why Galloway Ridge recommended you so highly.  I believe that your planning and execution is now only the best in your industry but one of the best for the entire service industry."

Linda Shaw,  Move-In Coordinator at Galloway Ridge

“We and our residents use the services of move managers often at Galloway Ridge. The Downsizers are extremely professional and reliable. They do everything with excellence, ask the right questions, and have the connections to get the job done smoothly and quickly. They have taken care of some very tough situations with grace, patience, and perfection. I would trust them with any situation." 

Liquidating an Estate

Kathy M., daughter in Durham

"It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your staff.  The care and concern shown was invaluable to me and my family.  In the midst of grief and chaos, you brought a sense of calm and a 'we'll get this done' attitude.  A delicate balance which you have mastered.  Thank you for everything!"   

Jeff S., son in Wake Forest 

Without the efficient and thoughtful work of your team, we wouldn’t have made our move date or the closing on my late mother’s home would have been in jeopardy. You left her home spotless for the new buyers and the entire process was flawless!” 

Holly G., daughter/Executor in Seattle

I can’t thank The Downsizers   enough for their excellent services during the months while my mother’s estate was in probate. They handled the moving and storing of the estate on short notice, moving items from two locations to local storage in Durham, arranging for art packing and keeping me in the loop - long distance- from Seattle. The Downsizers services allowed me to return home instead of staying in Durham long term

Maggie Davis, Estate Attorney in Chapel Hill 

“In just three days, your team did an entire clear out of our most recent client’s estate at The Forest at Duke. From liquidation of silver and coins, to transportation of donated goods and shipments abroad to family members in England and Australia, your team took care of everything we needed so we could focus on the legal work. Thank you!” 

Frank C., son in Durham 

“I cannot express my gratitude to you and your team for getting this done with such a quick turnaround. This would have taken me years to get through and I would have spent every weekend trying to get through everything. Your team was so efficient and detail oriented, but what I was most impressed with was the compassion each of you showed me and my family through the process. Thank you from our entire family." 

Moving out of State

Tim and Sharyn M., move to New Mexico

“Your team is super efficient and super accommodating. Our virtual sorting session from New Mexico was such a great experience.  All of you did a great job! No one else could have done all you did, half as well. You have our sincere thanks and appreciation.”  

Kaye Ginsberg, Senior Move Manager, client move to Atlanta

"Despite a move into Assisted Living in the middle of a hurricane that we had to work around, we just wanted to let you know that everything smoothly on our end today. It was such a pleasure to unpack such professionally packed boxes! The client’s daughter, Sharon, commented, 'your team were expert packers and we were so impressed that nothing broke.'"

Donna and Bill H., Moved from Durham to Arlington, VA 

“Your team did an amazing job with Bill! You SAVED me! I'm very grateful to you and your team. I could not have done this move without you all." 

Moving locally

Hilary S., move to Cary 

“Your team couldn't have been any better - especially on a 95 degree day! This move would not have been possible without The Downsizers.”  

Christy H., daughter of client in Chapel Hill 

"I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for doing such an amazing job with the downsizing of my mother's home to a condo. Your team went above and beyond expectations and did with such empathy, patience and understanding. This was an extremely challenging job due to my mother's state of mind as well as the amount of things to discard and I could not have asked for a better outcome.  In addition to the challenge of the move, my siblings and I were not able to be there physically to help and were not equipped with the tools to make it happen. We literally could not have been able to do this without your entire team. Thank you for all of us." 

Mary R. and Tad M., move to Pittsboro

"Wow! What fantastic help! Your team are fantastic workers and a lot of fun to be with. We are beyond grateful. Our house is really gorgeous because of your team!” 

Aging in Place or Just Decluttering

Lois A.,  Chapel Hill 

Thank heavens for companies like The Downsizers that are helping me clean out my dad’s old study to enable me to make the space usable and my own. Everything went smoothly - and your team found some hidden treasures (pictures my brothers drew as kids) - stuck in the cabinets. Thank you so much for being here and helping me out.  I highly recommend your company!!!”   

Patsy B.,  Holly Springs

"Your team was  wonderful. They were both so kind and such hard workers. I can’t believe all they got done in a day. I so appreciate everything they did and I’m just so excited to finally see my shelves!"

Betty F., Durham 

"So excited to have my garage and utility areas reorganized. Now, I actually use my garage as a garage!

What is it like to work with The Downsizers? 

Ginny L., move to Galloway Ridge

It's a journey from your current home to your new home and they provide the bridge. The bridge from old floor plan to new floor plan. The bridge from too much stuff to the stuff you need in the new home. There are exit ramps for consignment stuff and donation stuff – all coordinated by Elizabeth and her very competent staff. For seniors especially, they help you begin to be realistic about your new digs and situation as they are working with you to plan the move. They provide the benefit of their experience in moving many other homes before yours. They have probably already worked through your questions, concerns, and what ifs with other folks. They have probably worked with your new location before and can provide additional guidance about the facility.
Then there is the packing. They arrive with boxes, and paper, some flat some already organized into buffers, and bubble wrap. Since they work with the same movers as much as possible, they know what to wrap in paper and what to wrap in bubble wrap (art and TVs) since my mover had special crates in the truck that carried the artwork and TVs upright with blankets in between. They are very organized, and the Move Manager, packs and keeps the packers moving from one area to another. Boxes are well marked as to ‘from’ location.
Next is the loading. The move manager is back for last minute packing and coordinating the loading of the truck(s) with the movers. Magic happens and soon the old home is empty... and they all reappear on move-in day and repeat the process in reverse. Sometimes the move out and move in is the same day.
If not, the movers knew the rules for leaving the truck overnight or 2 with your new facility.
Unpacking starts almost as soon as the unloading does. The same folks are onboard to unpack, so they have jump start to placing things in similar places on the new shelves and cabinets. After a day and a half, all but 6 of the about 90 boxes were empty and be used on the next job. The last 6 were in the storage unit.
A few weeks later when all the artwork has decided where it wants to be, Elizabeth returns to arrange and hang it.
The best thing about the Downsizers is they all seem to be happy people with lots of energy. They are positive and upbeat, ready to help and explain, all the while continuing to do whatever job is assigned. They even remind you to stay hydrated and to eat.... All a part of getting you across the turbulent waters of a stressful life change.
I have moved over 20 times, mostly corporate moves where everything goes including boxes that have not been unpacked since the last move.
This was the best move."