The Downsizers

Patsy and cousin, Caroline

03-25-20 12:01 PM

"Having you there is a godsend"

At The Downsizers, our Project Managers develop incredible connections with our clients. One of our managers, Ibby Wooten, wanted to share this special connection she encountered with "Patsy and cousin, Caroline." 

Over the days, and often weeks, clients and I work together sorting leading up to move day, stories are told. Memories are shared. Much laughter happens and even a tear or two might be shed. 

Recently, I was brought in on a project at the last minute to help with the final packing.  A fellow project manager was overseeing the job and needed extra hands to help, so I had not had the pleasure of getting to know our client, Patsy.  

On the day before a move, everyone is focused on the tasks at hand. There is a lot of action and not much time to reminisce and share stories.  Nevertheless, as Patsy and I packed her final items, I did learn that she and I are from the same town – Fayetteville, North Carolina.  

Come to find out, our families have been in Fayetteville for generations. Patsy and I also share the same Scottish lineage that eastern North Carolina was built upon.  If you are a fan of the Starz series "Outlander," you know how after Jacobite rising and the battle of Culloden in 1745, Scots escaped persecution by fleeing to the New World.  Many settled in the Cross Creek area which eventually became Fayetteville.  

Patsy is proud of her Scottish ancestry, as am I.  When I told her that I was a Highland dancer as a teenager, she immediately started humming and clapping the tune of the Highland Fling.  Even though it's been 30+ years since I have danced the Fling, I threw up my arms and twirled around right there in her bedroom.  We laughed. We also swooned a bit over the Sam Heughan who plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander.  But alas, we had to get back to work so we could get Patsy moved the next day. 

Move days can be stressful and tense for clients. But Patsy’s move was going smoothly, and we were making great progress getting her furniture and belongings in place in her new home. Patsy was relaxed and even joked at lunchtime saying that she was going to make me dance for my lunch.  And I obliged! 

As we shared a quick bite to eat, Patsy talked about her cousin, Caroline, and how Caroline was distressed by not being able to help Patsy during her move.  Patsy explained that Cousin Caroline is actually the daughter of her first cousin and that she has Caroline assisting with her affairs. But at the last minute, Caroline was called away to Washington on business.  As she spoke about Caroline, a lightbulb went off in my head.  Cousin Caroline is actually one of my dear childhood friends. We grew up two blocks from one another, went to the same schools, and are still friends to this day.  

I pulled out my phone, snapped a photo with Patsy, and texted it to Caroline with the caption “Look who I have the pleasure of moving today!” 

Caroline replied: 

“Wow. That is amazing! Makes me so happy. I was so worried about the move because I’m not there. It makes me feel SO much better to know that you’re there.  My biggest worry was that she’d have to make her own bed after a day of moving. Having you there is a godsend.”  

I assured her that Patsy was ok and that she was having a good time visiting with her new neighbors while we put on the finishing touches to her new home.  The bed was already made and Michael Bublé playing on the stereo.  

“Tell her I love her and can’t wait to see her new home!!! Thanks so much for letting me know.  I am SO happy😊" 

It truly is one big small world we live in! 

Elizabeth Hirsh