The Downsizers

Patsy and cousin, Caroline

By Elizabeth Hirsh

At The Downsizers, our Project Managers develop incredible connections with our clients. One of our managers, Ibby Wooten, wanted to share this special connection she encountered with "Patsy and cousin, Caroline." 

Over the days, and often weeks, clients and I work together sorting lea...

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Part Psychologist, Part Daughter, Part Magician

By Elizabeth Hirsh

It’s always interesting when I explain what we do at The Downsizers. Yes, we pack people’s belongings. Yes, we also unpack people’s belongings. We also help to guide them through what to keep and what not to keep. We help them to get where they are going.

But it’s more, much more. We know that a succ...

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A Daughter’s Lessons

By Elizabeth Hirsh

For two years, I had been strongly encouraging my mom to downsize and move closer to family. As the years passed, her home seemed to become too much for her manage. It was filled with a lifetime of memorabilia, furniture and other belongings.

My mom was not ready for this change. She didn’t want...

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Why Anxiety Is A Precursor  To Indecision

By Elizabeth Hirsh

We hear many “words” tossed around when we talk about downsizing, moving, or relocating with our customers but we hear one much more frequently than others.


Almost everyone who is going through a move or a relocation has some level of anxiety. Some people have anxiety that completely take...

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